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South Carolina pro Davy Hite introduced the fishing world to the hottest new bass lure on the market by dominating the 1999 BASS Masters Classic in New Orleans.  Scoring a whopping 10-pound victory with nearly 56 pounds of bass that fell victim to the Gambler Bacon Rind.

“This is just an amazing new lure” said Hite of the Bacon Rind, which earned him the $100,000 top prize and the most important title in competitive fishing.  “I am convinced that I would not have been able to catch the kind of fish I caught during those hot summertime conditions with any other lure.  This lure swims like nothing else on the market.”

The Bacon Rind went on to become the year’s best-selling soft-plastic lure as America embraced its versatility and big-bass appeal.  But Gambler didn't rest on those laurels, it has been expanding the Bacon family of soft-plastics to create one of the most impressive line-ups on the market. 

The Bacon Rind, developed by longtime pro Basil Bacon of Missouri for Gambler Worms of  Pompano Beach, Florida, is a unique-looking plastic crawfish imitation that features a rigged body, small wings, flat pincher-like appendages and a sizable ribbon tail.  Apparently bass love it, because Hite caught a 3-pound average with a JuneBug-colored version of the Bacon Rind, which he swam in and out of shallow hyacinths in the bayous of the Louisiana Delta.                                                                                          

The 4-inch and 6-inch version of the Bacon Rind have both proven to be excellent baits for flipping and pitching, while the 4-inch version is also a deadly bait for Carolina-rigging.  Much of the reason for its success is that the Bacon Rind doesn’t sink; it glides.  And it has paddle-like arms that resembles a crawfish, along with a ribbon tail that gives off a lot of vibration.  It is available in 18 bass-proven colors.

The newest addition to the Bacon family is the Bacon Bits, a 3-inch version of the Bacon Rind that is an excellent light-line finesse bait for Carolina-rigging and split-shotting.  It has proven to be an outstanding bait for spawning bass, as well as smallmouth under a variety of situations. 

Following the success of the Bacon Rind is the Bacon Strip, also designed by Basil Bacon.  The Bacon Strip is an improved version of the so-called French Fry.  First, it has a hooked tail, which gives it an action that bass find irresistible.  And it has a ribbed body that makes it ideal for either Carolina-rigging structure or Texas-rigging cover.  It is a highly versatile 4-inch finesse worm that also works well as a trailer for a spinnerbait or jig.  The small worm has an incredible action in the water.

It comes in 13 of Gambler’s famed color scheme, along with Gambler’s renowned texture.  Products may be purchased online at       


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