What's new in Fishing Electronics this year?

AQUA-VU: Underwater Viewing System

That is the most asked question at the early sport and boat shows, AND, let me tell you, that this year there truly is something NEW!

We have uncovered a whole new world - That's right! Brand new! This is a technology never before seen in fresh water!

What is it? It is an underwater viewing system, U.V.S., that allows you to actually see the fish, the structure, the weeds... Everything!

The Aqua-Vu camera lens is encased in an armored waterproof housing the size of a downrigger cannon ball, weighing about 5 pounds. This is lowered over the side of the boat by means of the 200 lb test cable attached to it, which also acts as the conductor of power and the picture. When the camera is dropped to the depth you want to view, you now have the "Aqua View" of the aquatic world!

How do you view what's down there? There are actually a few means to give yourself aquavision. A camcorder with video input is an excellent means by which to see what's down there. This also allows you to record your underwater adventures for later review and entertainment.

A 12-volt television monitor with video input also works and gives a nice big picture, so everyone in the boat can join in the fun, and is now available in an Aqua-Vu package. Another means by which to monitor what the underwater camera is seeing is by way of a set of virtual reality goggles - the type used with some video type games. When you wear these hooked up to the camera you feel like you are actually underwater!

Now that the technology has been found to really see what's going on down there, how can this aqua vision help you?

1. You will know exactly where the fish are, how they are relating to a given spot, and what they are. By the way, you will see there are no video game fish down there!

2. You will have an exact idea of the structure - be it rock, sand, muck, weeds, gravel, etc. We have seen old fish houses, tractors, old boats, lawn chairs, coolers and other non-typical stuff that will also hold fish!

3. You will know exactly what food is in the area to draw in the game fish - minnows?, perch?, crawdads?, larvae?, etc!

A future fisherman pulls up to a spot, studying his sonar unit intently. He sees what he wants, stops the boat, drops the electric motor. Over the side goes his Aqua-Vu camera. On goes his monitor and he studies the structure and his fishy quarry. This is the spot! He punches the quick save on his G.P.S., grabs a rod and ...fishes!

A future fisherman? No way! U.V.S. has made the future today! This is NOT being banned by our MN DNR. The Aqua-Vu is 100% legal in all 50 states and Canada! You can still enjoy underwater viewing and fishing! by Dean Capra- Owner


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