Here is a hot little item that is going to make a lot of happy riggers out there. Works great and can save a of of time and money.

Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro

Carolina  slippers


Designed by BASS Angler: Ernie Carpency

The Carolina Slipper has been invented and designed by BASS Tournament Angler Ernie Carpency as a new and improved way to add sinkers or weights to the terminal tackle used in the sport of fishing. 

Over the past five years the use of the Carolina Rig has become one of the most popular methods of Bass Fishing. Not only on the professional bass tournament trails, but also with avid bass fisherman all over the country. It has proven to be one of the most productive ways to catch bass under most any conditions and with a variety of different baits. 

In taking a look at the basic Carolina Rig we see it being used as a heavy weight method with 20 lb. line and 1 oz. weights, and it is also use as a light weight rig with 6 lb. line and 1/8 oz. weights, similar to a split shot rig. Because of the wide variety of applications, Carolina Rigging is becoming increasingly more popular. The make up of the rig from back to front is the main line which usually is 17 lb. test with a 3/4 oz. barrel sinker, glass bead and in-line swivel, with a 3 foot dropper line of 10 lb. test line to a 2/0 worm hook. The problem with the conventional Carolina Rig is that it is time consuming to assemble and the use of heavy weight on the main fishing line causes considerable fraying over a short period of time. With the use of the Carolina Slipper the main line will no longer be subject to fraying and the knot at the swivel will not be damaged as it would be with the use of a lead weight on the main line. 

The other advantages of using the Carolina Slipper is that when the weights become snagged the Slipper will allow the weights to come loose with out breaking or damaging the main line. This will save the angler a considerable amount of time not to mention saving the hook and swivel that would normally be lost with the conventional method of Carolina Rigging. Carolina Slippers have a number of other applications as well, they will work good for trolling live bait for walleye fishing, and also give salt water surf angles the advantage of a more versatile weighting method for that style of fishing. Most all types of fishing weights can be installed on the Slipper, making it one of the most versatile weighting systems on the market today.

The Carolina Slipper weighting system allows the angler to use many different weight sizes and configurations, however split shot and Mojo weights are the best suited to this design. Split shots and Mojo weights of any size can easily and quickly be attached to the slipper rig. The smooth nylon line sleeve of the slipper rig will not fray the main line or damage the knots. The 4 inch smooth tail of the slipper rig will allow for weight of 2 ounces or more to be added. Because of the tough smooth construction of the of the slipper rig, snagged weights will slip off the tail without damaging or braking the main line. This will save the angler a great deal of  time by not having to retie the complete Carolina rig. All that would be necessary is to attach new weights and quickly get back to fishing. Cajun Bayou Rattlers can also be easily and quickly attached to the slipper rig, making this method the most versatile Carolina Weighting System on the market today.







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