Make the First weekend out Each Year

as Good as the Last One of the Year.

Each year, thousands of folks across the country see Memorial Day weekend as
the time of year to knock the dust off the boat or personal watercraft (PWC)
and head out to their favorite lake or river for a day on the water with
family, friends or simply by themselves.  Unfortunately, just getting the
dust off of the boat doesn't mean it is "sea worthy" and can lead to a great
deal of frustration and aggravation.
Each year at my dad's place we get up and head to the ramp early on Saturday
morning for some fishing.   Without fail, the ramp is crowded with boaters of
all dimensions.  Normally, this would not be a big problem, but on Memorial
Day weekend, it certainly can be.  This is when a majority of folks take
their boats out for the first time only to discover that not only is the boat
no where near "sea worthy," it won't even start.  This is where the problem
Rather than be considerate of others waiting to use the boat ramp and move
out of the way, they stay on the ramp, for what seems like an eternity,
trying to get their boat to crank or operate correctly.  This is frustrating
for the boat owner and aggravating for those waiting to get their boat, which
will start, into the water.  Although any mechanical device can fail to
start, most of the time this situation can be avoided eliminating the
frustrations and aggravations aforementioned.
A little bit of time and perhaps some well-spent money can usually prevent
these types of problems.  If you do not use your boat throughout the year and
store it during the winter months, it is a good idea to have your boat or PWC
winterized by a professional marine mechanic, if you do not know how to do it
yourself.  This can save tremendous headaches and perhaps a great deal of
money for repairs in the spring or summer when you are ready to use your boat
So, you didn't winterize your boat, the best thing you can do at this point
is to take it to a marine mechanic and have it checked out or summerized.
Your mechanic can check your batteries, all of your fluid levels and make
sure your boat will start, BEFORE heading to the lake.  The mechanic should
also check out your water pump, bilge pumps, fuel system, electrical system,
all necessary safety equipment and lights to make sure they are functioning
properly.  He might even notice and remind you that your trailer registration
tags and boat numbers are out of date and need to be current before heading
out to the water, thus saving your even more money in fines from the local
by: Tom Lester

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