It is a favorite time of anglers in the know from Connecticut to California, a period when bass fishing seems to come alive. To a sizable legion of fishermen, the months of May and June are the prime time for sheer fun. It's the time when super-charged bass display a penchant for actively chasing the fast-moving, movers-and-shakers type of lures the kind that bass enthusiasts most enjoy throwing.

            When I think of May and June, I think of spinnerbaits and crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater plugs like the Pop-R. The fish are aggressive, ferocious and agreeable. Just use your depthfinder to find a drop or point outside of the spawning area and you will score consistently.

            Once the water temperature tops 70 degrees, it is a signal that the bass are completing their annual spawning ritual. After a few days of recuperating from the rigors of bedding, their whole mood changes. The bass make a major move out of the shallow spawning flats and gradually become more active until the final stage of post-spawn when they will feed heavily (until the water temperature reaches the high 70s or low 80s and they move to their deeper summer locations).






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