Any bass enthusiasts worth his plastic worms is skilled at the close-quarters technique of flipping. But many don't understand the importance that proper boat positioning plays in this heavy-tackle technique.

            The sun and wind deserve the most consideration. The sun will usually help a fishermen pinpoint the areas to fish on a piece of flipping cover or structure (like a fallen log, tree top, stump or willow tree) because bass, generally, prefer the shady spots. The bass, usually, will be not be positioned toward the bright sunlight. But it is crucial that the boat be positioned so that the angler's shadow does not fall near the cover.

            Wind can complicate flipping. Most experts hold their boats against the wind, instead of flipping with it. A silent entry of the lure into the water is key in generating a strike from a bass his under the cover you are flipping. Practice in the back yard until you can flip a jig into a coffee cup full of water without splashing it all out. Remember that you normally do not have to flip more than a few feet.






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