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Summer time Fishing? Neat Tricks are sometimes needed.

Often times while fishing summertime fish that are schooled up on ledges and points, you can't seem to cast fast enough to catch the fish while they are really biting. If you are using a Carolina rig, as you often do in this type fishing, you can catch a lot more fish with a simple trick.

Use a three way swivel in place of the normal two way, then rig your leader as you normally would. On the third swivel connection, place a second leader, about eight inches long, and use a smaller plastic bait, such as a 4 inch worm, on that hook. You will be surprised how many "doubles" you will catch. I always use a Gamakatsu hook in a 1/0 or 2/0 size, as they are super strong and light weight allowing the lure to float higher.

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