There are two basic types of buzz baits that have evolved through decades of bass fishing. Knowledgeable bass fishermen utilize both in different situations and conditions. And within that lies the key to buzz baits becoming a more productive tool in more situations.

The in-line buzz bait has the blade and hook on the same shaft and usually features a bucktail skirt. The second standard type of buzz bait is the safety-pin design (often called off-set buzz baits) that sports a live rubber skirt, hook on one arm and rotating blade on the other.

An in-line lure is a small, quiet buzz bait. It is a good lure that is particularly effective in real calm conditions when the fish are suspended real close to the surface in flat water. It is the perfect choice for overhanging willows, clear-water conditions and aquatic vegetation. The standard safety-pin type buzz bait makes a great deal of noise is better suited for situations where you need to call fish to the lure - poor water clarity and deeper water, for example.

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