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Ten Tips for Fishing Success
  • 1 Subscribe to a fishing magazine. Magazines are a good source of new techniques and tips.
  • 2 Before hitting the water, study lake maps to determine key fish holding spots.
  • 3 Avoid fishing in a crowd. It is easier to catch fish that are not under a lot of pressure.
  • 4 Line gets old fast and should be changed often. Even when you haven't been using it.
  • 5 When using crankbaits, switch to lighter line size. This will allow your lure to run deeper.
  • 6 To make sure you don't lose the trophy when you have it on, be sure to sharpen and change your hooks often.
  • 7 Vary your retrieve and type of lure to see what the fish want .
  • 8 When the bite is slow ,try using smaller lures and slow the presentation.
  • 9 To double your chances at catching a trophy ,simply fish twice as much.
  • 10 Fish are most active during low light periods. Sunset and sunrise can be the best times in summer.

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