Crank baits are a highly effective, but under-utilized lure for working vegetation.

The key with cranking vegetation is to keep the bait just above the surface of the submerged grass. A crank bait is ineffective when enveloped by weeds, so it is important to pause and allow the lure to float up slightly once you feel the top of the vegetation. You will often get a strike as the bait begins floating upward. The absolute best crankbait I have found yet to address this item is one made by Spro. It is their Prime slow floating Crankbait 25. You can use this bait over and through grass beds like no other I have found. It floats very slowing upon stopping in a hole or at the edge of the grass and you can slow the retrieve way down over submerged grass without getting tangled or wrapped up in the grass itself.

Another method of cranking shallow submerged vegetation is to concentrate your efforts on the edge of the grass where it meets open water. Such edges form a drop-off of sorts, which tends to concentrate bass in weed beds. Parallel the edge and pay particular attention to any irregularities in it, such as a point of grass sticking out or an indentation. The real key is to vary your speed of the presentation. This again is where the Spro baits come into play. They are small yet you can literally rip them with a high speed reel and they still track perfectly true in the water with no rollover. This method is really coming into play on Lake Okeechobee with the lower water levels this summer.

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Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro

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