A Neat Lure Retriever

Those of us who fish crank baits and small lures are constantly plagued with the problem of hanging up on underwater brush, rocks, etc. Here is an inexpensive lure retriever that I have used ever since Gerald Beck of North Carolina showed me. Use a large snap( like some folks use on trot lines) and hook a 3/4 or 1 oz. bell sinker on the back part of the snap. Then to remove your snagged lure simply open the snap and close it around your line. Position the boat directly over the snagged lure and drop the sinker that is hooked around your line. Shake it a couple of times on a slack line and presto the lure comes off the snag about 90% of the time.

For those times when a simple thump won't get you off the snag there is another that is worth every penny you pay for it (which isn't much). It is called the Tennessee Retriever by Gambler. It is available online at their web site. With a heavy cord tied to it you can get back even the most stubborn hang ups.


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