Gamblerís New Flex-Chunk Trailer




          In the last few years, the soft-plastic chunk-type trailer has largely replaced pork and other soft-plastic creatures on the backs of the jigs of Americaís top bass pros.

          Plastic chunks are designed to imitate the venerable pork chunk that most fishermen grew up adding to the back of their jigs, spinnerbaits and spoons.  But with the plastic versions, there is no fuss or mess and it wonít dry out, all annoying problems inherent in pork.  Plus, its plastic composition allows a world of color combinations that are not found with pork chunks.

          On the heels of Gamblerís popular Ninja Claw comes the new Flex-Chunk, a super-charged trailer designed by David Walker.  You might know his face from seeing it on the cover of the Wheaties Box as the 1999 FLW Tour Angler of the Year.

          Look close at that cover, and you will see Walker squeezing a Ninja Jig, his $100,000 lure during the 1999 FLW season the main reason he was able to qualify for the 2000 BASS Masters Classic.  And on the back of that jig, you will find the new Flex-Chunk trailer.

          The Flex-Chunk features two precise V-shaped cuts along its body to create more freedom and movement as it gyrates on the back of a jig.  No plastic chunk on the market can match the movement you get with the new Flex-Chunk, which comes in Gamblerís renowned colors and texture.

 The New Flex Chunk may be purchased online at



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