How Bass Fishing Affects Your Health

Did you ever notice that most fishermen and outdoors people in general, seem to always be healthy and full of energy? Well there is a reason behind that fact. Stress is a big part of many peoples lives in their jobs and even at home. Stress has been proven to be nearly the biggest cause of heart attacks and poor health in general. So what has this got to do with bass fishing?

Bass fishing being a sport that pits the fisherman against one of the hardest to predict and most finicky of fish, requires almost total concentration in order to be consistent in catching them. There is no way a person totally engrossed in their pursuit of a bass can worry about their job or life in general and that eliminates stress. Combined with a good amount of exercise and fresh air it is guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby at night.

Of course there is more to good health than just going fishing. A good diet and clean living will go a long way to helping assure that your weekends aren't spent in a doctor's office. Try these tips in your everyday living habits and I assure you that you will feel better and enjoy life more.

  • Make sure that each week you have some time for yourself and your family.
  • Learn to leave work at work and enjoy your private time.
  • Get your family involved in the outdoors so that there is no friction at home when you go fishing or on a hike.
  • Don't let a "slow bite day" take away from the true enjoyment of fishing which is just being there.
  • Eat healthy and supplement your junk food with a quality diet supplement such as those produced by Advocare, which is used by professional athletes all over the world. I find that taking these diet supplements and nutritional products (especially the MNS Gold) keeps me ready to go on the Tour all the time. Find out why guys like Roland Martin, John McLain, Richard Petty, and myself use Advocare. My personal experience with Advocare Products has been outstanding. My levels of concentration and energy are higher than even when I was a lot younger man. I got rid of an unhealthy extra 24 pounds in 6 weeks using the Metabolic Nutritional System without dieting or additional exercise. I carry a bottle of their Spark and Pro2 Performance Enhancer, in my boat every tournament.
  • Live by the "Golden Rule" and you won't have any stress from others either.

Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro


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