One High Flying Fisherman

Tom Welgos, World Champion Sky Diver 

and World Class Fisherman

Tom Welgos fishes the Bassmaster Eastern Invitationals and the Fisherman's Bass Circuit with the same focus  that he used to win two World Championships and 8 National Medals for Sky Diving. His most memorable jump was at the 1998 Bassmasters Classic, when he jumped from a plane on a windy day and landed on the back of a Ranger bass boat in front of a huge crowd. He landed with an American flag in tow at exactly 11:00 am. to kick off the event. Tom was featured in a story about the awesome jump in the Feb. 1999 BASSMASTER Magazine. Tom got started bass fishing while in the Army on the MBAA Tournament Circuit. He moved up to the Bassmasters after doing well there.

Tom has traveled in 41 countries while in the Army Special Forces Group and on the US Army Parachute Team "The Golden Knights". He was on the road approximately 260 days a year. Sounds almost like fishing bass tournament schedules huh? Besides fishing the tournament trail Tom spends a lot of time working with companies like Think Helmets promoting their products for them to fisherman and others around the country.

Tom is a great guy to fish with and carries his titles well. You may contact Tom via email with questions or congratulations on his accomplishments.






By: Walt Reynolds





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