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Leading MotorGuide’s new product introductions into 1999 is the all new "HyperDrive" series of lower units that top out with an incredible 107-lb. thrust rating. The top of the line transom motor delivering this thrust is T107V 36-volt model.

Now that’s power, lots of power. But don’t look at it as just a power thing because it’s not. We’re talking practical performance here.

HyperDrive features a dynamically balanced armature that makes these lower units the quietest ever. It also extends the motor’s service life and the life of most of the internal moving parts.

HyperDrive’s longer magnet length and longer armature provide more power and torque than ever before. And, a larger 12-bar commutator and larger brushes improve efficiency of current as it moves to the speed coils. It also reduces "arcing" even at high speeds. All in all, that means greater battery efficiency.

HyperDrive units also feature a beefier 10 gauge lead wire to deliver maximum current to the new oversized brushes and keeps the motors running cooler and more efficiently than ever before.

But the advantages don’t stop there. There’s also an improved hydrodynamic nose and weed guard that makes this motor one of the stealthiest designs in fishing. That means anglers have an even greater advantage of slipping up on Mr. Big, even in the shallows.


Perhaps the most amazing thing is that even with all of these advantages afforded by HyperDrive, HyperDrive doesn’t mean Hyper–weight. In fact, a HyperDrive lower unit weighs on average about 27% lighter than the lower units of the competition.

The finishing touch is the all new, all metal 3 blade Machete Prop that comes standard on all 107 lb. thrust units. The metal construction means no prop flex at high speeds. It also means the prop will hold the parabolic rake to maximize the prop power curve. And you know what that means . . . running hard and running fast. All day long.

HyperDrive – it’s all new, and it’s only from MotorGuide. Look for its special designation on select models of 52, 60, 67, and 107 lb. thrust models.





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