Gambler’s New Icesickle Worm




          In the last decade, Davy Hite has won every major honor in professional fishing, including the 1999 BASS Masters Classic, 1998 FLW Tour Championship and 1997 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year.  Yet, he has been reluctant to put his signature on any fishing product.

          Until now.

          Hite joined forces with newly crowned FLW Tour Angler of the Year, Clark Wendlandt, to design Gambler’s new Icesickle Worm, a soft-plastic finesse worm that lives up to all of their expectations for such a bait.

          The slender, straight worm was designed to be the answer to a variety of difficult fishing situations when a finesse touch is required.  It can provide a subtle presentation to suspended bass or be retrieved aggressively through the water to trigger strikes from active bass.  It is tapered from the egg sack to the tail for ultimate action.

          “It really is a versatile worm that retains its finesse quality”, Hite say.  “This type of worm deserves a spot in the tacklebox of every fisherman.”

          The new Hite/Wendlandt Icesickle Worm is available in 6- and 8-inch sizes.  And it features the Gambler color and texture qualities that are renowned throughout the fishing world.  It is also available with colored tails.

  The new Icesickle Worm may be purchased online at       



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