Mercury Racing Introduces All-New HP575SCi Sterndrive

      Sets New Durability Standard for High Performance Marine Propulsion

Fond du Lac, WI .----- Mercury Racing is pleased to introduce the all-new HP575SCi sport boat propulsion package, the first Mercury Racing consumer engine to feature both super charging and fuel injection. It is the highest output
powertrain package ever released by Mercury Racing to include a one-year limited factory warranty.

A custom 256 CID Holley/Weiand Super Charger matched with a state-of-the-art throttle body fuel injection system provides sport boaters with a robust torque band throughout the 575SCi?s operating range. The 502 CID engine also delivers turn-key starting, instant throttle response and improved idle stability for easier docking. The 575SCi features the MEFI 3 engine control system.

The digital control system monitors a variety of vital engine functions, including rpm, manifold pressure, air temperature, water temperature and throttle position, keeping the engine in perfect tune. A thermostatically controlled, high-capacity oil cooler brings engine oil temperatures up quicker and keeps them more consistent. The oil filter is mounted on the front of the engine for easy access, enhancing serviceability. From the engine accessory pulleys to the new heavy-duty Bravo One XR Drive, the 575SCi sets an unmatched durability standard for high performance marine propulsion.

Mercury Racing engineers scrutinized every component to ensure that the engine would match the smooth operation and high reliability sport boaters have come to expect from the ever-popular HP500 EFI. Technicians modify the GM performance connecting rods to enhance strength and durability. Custom forged aluminum pistons, designed by Mercury Racing, are matched with the handcrafted connecting rods. Pistons and rods are then connected to a heavy-duty GM forged crankshaft.

High-quality specialty parts are used on the top end as well, including high
performance push rods, rocker arms, valves and lifters. A custom billet aluminum flame arrestor, set off with eye-catching graphics, sits atop the dual fuel injected throttle bodies. Stainless steel tubular headers enhance engine
performance and aesthetic appeal. A one-piece serpentine belt system requires
less horsepower to drive the engine accessories including a 60-amp alternator,
power steering pump (idler pulley on models without power steering), circulating pump and sea pump. The one-piece belt design is easier to service, requires less maintenance and provides unsurpassed belt life. Heavy-duty billet aluminum engine accessory pulleys are anodized in the classic Mercury Racing brilliant blue.

The new Bravo One XR Drive features the race-proven Bravo One gear housing
packed with all-new heavy-duty components designed to endure up to 575 hp and 600 foot-pounds of torque. It?s brute strength comes from within:

    Larger U-Joint Handles Additional Torque
    New Transom Plate Assembly Designed For Larger U-Joint Features      Heavy-Duty Gimbal   Assembly
    Net Forged, Straight Bevel Gears Enhance Strength and Durability
    Redesigned Upper Gear Socket Floor Enhances Strength and Durability
    Upgraded Upper-End Thrust Bearings
    Steel Upper Gear Bearing Support
    Induction Hardened Drive Shaft Features a Larger Body For Increased
     Torsional Strength
    Custom Billet Aluminum Bearing Carrier
    Rear-Loading, Stainless Steel Propshaft Fits All Square-Bore Mercury

The Bravo One XR comes with a 1.50:1 gear ratio in right-hand and left-hand
rotation and is available with standard strut-mounted water pickups or low-water pickups.


Propshaft Rated Horsepower         550 (410 kW)

Full Throttle RPM Range            4800-5200

Displacement Liter/CID             8.2/502

Bore                          4.47 (113 mm)

Stroke                             4.00 (102 mm)

Compression Ratio                  7.50:1

Cylinders                     V-8

Alternator (amp/watt)              60/847

Ignition Type                      Digital

Fuel System                        TBI

Fuel Requirements                  92 Posted Octane (R+M)/2 (98 RON)

Drive Unit                    Bravo One XR

Gear Ratio                    1.50:1 (Right Hand or Left Hand)

Length (in/mm)                35/876

Width (in/mm)                 34/857

Height (in/mm)                28/718

Weight (lbs/kg)               1162/528

Warranty                      1-year Ltd. for recreational boating.

                                     3-year Ltd. Corrosion

List Pricing:
description                              list price

HP575SCi                           $52,870.00






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