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MotorGuide enters the marine deep cycle battery business for the first time ever with a brand new series of MotorGuide Thermoil batteries.

Thermoil is a unique electrolyte formula consisting of a special oil mix, which replaces part of the sulfuric acid, the extremely corrosive substance in batteries.

The Thermoil mixture acts like a liquid "lid" which serves to better contain the re-combination of the hydrogen and oxygen gases, thereby returning the water molecules back into the cell and virtually eliminating the "gassing" process common in typical lead-acid batteries.

Gassing is the escape of hydrogen and sulfuric acid fumes that result from the chemical process, which occurs during the charging/discharging cycle, and is the process responsible for causing corrosion and creating fire hazards.

The new MotorGuide Thermoil batteries are available in both Group 24 and Group 27 sizes. The Group 24 size measures 10 " X 6 13/16" x 8 7/8" and weighs 49 pounds. It has Marine Cranking Amps rating of 700; and Reserve Capacity of 150.

The Group 27 size measures 12 1/6" x 6 13/16" x 8 7/8" and weighs 57 pounds. It has a Marine Cranking Amps rating of 850; and Reserve Capacity of 170.

The substantial cranking amps and reserve capacities of both sizes make these dual-purpose batteries a great choice for marine cranking/starting or for trolling motor use.

The Group 24 size batteries will retail for approximately $79; and the Group 27 batteries for about $89. Both sizes are available in a MotorGuide Freshwater and a MotorGuide

Great White Saltwater version.

In addition to being backed by one of the most reputable names in the marine business -- MotorGuide – these batteries also come with a twelve-month free-replacement warranty.

MotorGuide Thermoil batteries are available at marine dealers and select sporting goods stores nationwide. Consumers can call toll free 1-888-771-1373 for nearest locations.


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