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I love fishing topwater lures here on Lake Okeechobee in the summer time. One of my favorites is the Original HighRoller TM

These lures are exceptionally high quality and are used by top fishermen everywhere. They are also the most popular lure anywhere for Peacock bass because of their outstanding strength and durability. Here are a few tips on ways to get the best action from them.

Jumping- I like to use at least a 6’ MH casting rod. With it to your side, and close to the water (always keep your rod tip down), after casting, move the rod tip away from your body, and with a sweeping motion back to your body, use about 4 short jerks of the tip. Make sure your line it tight at all times, and remember to let the lure rest after each time you use this sweeping motion.

For the more advanced angler, you can start out by "walking the dog", and very simply speed that motion up until you have a steady retrieve. Short quick pops of the rod tip, and a steady retrieve will have the HighRollerTM dancing on the top of the water like crazy, but remember, always give the fish time to catch it!

Diving- There are several ways of making the HighRollerTM dive, but here are two ways. First, after casting, simply let the lure sit there until your eyes start to water! After the line has sunk a little, simply start retrieving the lure, and it will dive on it’s own.

For the more advanced angler, after casting, tighten the line, and with one hard "pop" of the rod tip, jerk the HighRollerTM to make it jump, and then start and stay with a steady retrieve. This might take a little practice, but it won’t take much. After you have the HighRollerTM under the water, you can walk it, or use it like a jerk bait. This method comes in handy after you have had a fish blow up on it, but not take it. It allows you to get closer to the fish without having to tie on another lure!

Half-Stepping- Half-stepping is a way to make the HighRollerTM walk in a sideways manner as to direct it around objects like stumps and lily pads. Instead of using the regular "walking the dog" method, simply use two(2) very short quick jerks of the rod tip back to back. This will cause the HighRollerTM to "swing" in whatever direction you want. Try this...After casting, tighten the line, and give the HighRollerTM two small jerks with the rod tip. Make one revolution of the reel, and start over. With a little practice, you can make the HighRollerTM walk around stumps, into lily pad coves, and into and around just about everything!

Stop by the HighRoller website and take a look at these lures.

Have Fun,

Walt Reynolds, Touring Pro








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