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            Boat anglers are now going to be able to take a whole new level of Energy to the water with them this year.  MotorGuide Energy, that is.

            The totally new series of transom and bow mount Energy models is being offered by this long-time industry leader in trolling motor innovation as yet another response to the changing demands of today’s fishing enthusiasts.

            In MotorGuide’s Energy transom electric series, anglers will find both a new look and new features.  There’s 10 tiller models ranging from a 22 pound thrust, 12 volt lightweight version, all the way up to a 36 volt motor that delivers a whopping 107 pounds of thrust.  Each model features a convenient, twist-tiller control handle that offers exactly what every fishermen has asked for – another six inches right where they want it.

            Select models have the all new Wide Bite transom mount, and variable speed control.  Variable speed models also feature the all new and more responsive forward/reverse control in the handle.  Most of the transom models come with MotorGuide’s new Machete II super tough glass filled nylon 3 blade prop.

            The Energy bow mount motors also sport the new “futuristic” look and a value-loaded package of outstanding features.  There are eight foot-controlled and three hand controlled models.  These are available in 12, 12/24, 24 and 36 volt versions, which range in thrust from 38 pounds to 107 pounds. 

            Five are variable speed models featuring MotorGuide’s new high-tech HyperDrive lower unit for the ultimate in trolling motor power, quietness and efficiency.

            All Energy bow mount models come with all metal mounts and all metal shafts. 

            MotorGuide Energy – it’s the new wave on the water.







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