Muddy water is the scourge of most bass fishermen. But muddy conditions don't necessarily mean your chances of catching fish are over. You just have to change your approach.

            Muddy water actually provides the angler with some advantages over other types of water clarity: it positions bass at a predictable depth; the fish tend to be less spooky; and dark-water bass are more likely to attack a lure invading their territory than those who can examine it in clear water.

            When faced with muddy water, a rule of thumb is to fish in 2 to 5 feet of water and stay near the bank. Bass in muddy water will almost always be positioned shallow. Since muddy-water bass depend almost entirely on hearing sound and detecting vibration, use bulkier lures that displace water, creating more vibration. Good muddy-water choices are a big, shallow-diving crankbait, large bladed spinnerbait, bulky jig-and-pork combination, buzzbait and fat plastic worms.

            The only times when muddy water is almost impossible to overcome is when it is cold (below 50 degrees) or freshly churned up (suspended particles in the water affect the food chain and confuse a bass' senses).







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