New PR600CX ACS Quantum Reel

Evolution has a way of making things able to withstand their environment better. Quantum just came out with an all new reel the has surpassed the normal speed of evolution. They have taken the round bait casting reel to a new level. A solid one piece frame and spool, along with brass alloy, machined, Magnum Gears, gives you one solid piece of fishing power. The new ACS externally adjustable brakes ( a first in the industry ) give you more control than was ever thought possible with the popular round reel. From free spool to 6 centrifugal brake weights with just a click of the side mounted control, makes switching lures or throwing into the wind a snap.

I have been using Quantum for over fifteen years now and have had good luck with the product. I must say though that when Quantum brought this reel out they have moved to the next millennium in bait casting reel design. Matched with one of the Tour Edition IM7 rods, I feel you can not have a better piece of equipment at any price.
To all a good bite...
Walt Reynolds, BASS Touring Pro


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