Tighten that prop nut

Sometimes when a prop is installed it's not torqued properly, which simply means the nut holding the prop on is not tightened to the proper degree. A loose prop can cause undue wear on the thrust hub, which positions the propeller on the prop shaft. Given enough time the thrust hub could fail, allowing the spinning prop to strike the gear housing. Prevent this scenario by periodically checking to make sure the prop nut is properly torqued. Using a torque wrench, torque the propeller nut to the torque listed in your operation and maintenance manual. It's also a good idea to periodically remove the propeller to check for fish line wrapped around the prop shaft. To prevent the propeller hub from corroding and seizing to the propeller shaft, especially in salt water, always apply a coat of lubricant to the entire propeller shaft at the recommended maintenance intervals, and each time the propeller is removed. Another big problem today is the theft of the high performance stainless steel props used on outboards. There is a product out there that solves this problem and is extremely effective in stopping the thefts. 







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