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          Top pro Marty Stone understands more about spinnerbaits than almost any angler in the country.  The $100,000 FLW Tour winner has a mind-boggling knowledge about such mundane, but important things as wire diameter, spacing, blade gauges, head shapes and paints.

          That’s why we turned to him to design the new Gambler Pro Series of spinnerbaits that are sure to make better spinnerbait fishermen out of anglers of all skill levels.

          “I wanted to design a spinnerbait that was a professional tool, but one that went back to the good old basics,” Stone said.  “The spinnerbait industry today has gone too far with their holographic finishes and such.  In the process, they’ve forgotten about the basic elements that make spinnerbaits such an effective lure.”

          The Gambler Pro Series features the finest of components in a precisely designed package that comes close to being the perfect spinnerbait.  Stone, a perfectionist, would settle for nothing less.

          The differences with this spinnerbait begins with the head design.  The Pro Series features a round, bullet-shaped head, which is ideal for penetrating wood and other forms of cover without getting snagged.  The next important element inherent in the Pro Series is a short-shank hook.  The hooks match the head sizes precisely (2/0 on ¼- ounce, 3/0 on 38-ounce, 4/0 on ½- and ¾-ounce).                                                

          “I’m a big believer in short-shanks hooks on spinnerbaits, which is something that the industry has gotten away from,” Stone said.  “As a spinnerbait fisherman, I want a compact bite.”

          The Gambler Pro Series features blades that are made of a little heavier gauge material than typical spinnerbait blades.  The heavier blades displace more water, giving the bait more vibration.  And the blades are attached to a wire diameter that precisely matches the head size of the bait.  Stone contends that light-wire spinnerbait arms make it difficult to set the hook properly with a medium or heavy spinnerbait.

          “When it comes to head color and skirt color, we’re going to stick with the colors that people know will produce fish,” Stone said.  “We’re not going to baffle people with a hundred different colors.  We’ll have four basic head colors and skirts with a scale pattern and a translucent color to match each head.  That gives you a clear-water color and a dirty-water color.”

          “When it comes to spinnerbaits, simple is better.”

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