Roadbeds are some of the very finest fish-holding structures known to man. But not all roadbeds will be productive. The key is concentrating on the old roads that are different and have some type of irregularity. With a roadbed that has good definition with ditches on both sides, culverts (where it crosses a creek or is raised and stands a couple of feet higher than the surrounding terrain) can be a super spot.

            Once I locate a roadbed, I spend several minutes closely examining it with my Lowrance  liquid crystal depthfinder, looking for an irregular feature on it. If it is at the right depth, the best place on it is usually where it crosses a creek, drain or small river channel. On an improved road, you will usually find at least a culvert or two and possibly a bridge. Most culverts and bridges are reinforced with concrete or steel, so when you pass over them, you will see a very definite echo on your depthfinder.






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