This is probably the neatest thing to come out in a dip net that really works in a long time. With BASS doing away with the "No Net" rule I was looking for one that wasn't in the way all the time but also worked when I needed it. When fishing fineness lures on light line, crankbaits, and hard jerk baits a net is a must. SPRO Corp. introduces a totally new design in Nets. The new SPRO Stowaway Net is a collapsible, easy to use, premium net.

The SPRO Stowaway Net has a unique Telescopic Carbon Graphite handle that is connected to a collapsible net.

When not in use, the SPRO Stowaway Net stores neatly out of the way of rods, hooks, feet and wind. All it takes is one simple motion to extend the handle and lock the net into place.

Give them a try and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Walt Reynolds

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