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Quantum is taking its new role as fishing’s innovative leader seriously, this time introducing a spinning reel design that solves yet another age-old fishing problem.

Quantum’s new Response Tispinning reels feature a patent-pending bail system that guarantees the elimination of bent bails and failed bail springs.  In fact, guarantees it for the life of the reel.

 The confidence comes from a brand new bail system design called TiMAG.  Ti stands for titanium; MAG stands for magnets.  TiMAG together stands for the finest spinning reels ever made. 

The TiMAG System bail is constructed of nickel titanium, a material known for its property to return to an original shape after being bent or twisted.  The resilient material’s place in fishing was proven with the successful introduction of Terminator Titanium spinnerbaits about three years ago.   

In addition to being more durable, a nickel titanium bail is lighter and thinner than a typical steel bail, plus it’s corrosion proof.  Therefore, use of the material solves one of spinning tackle’s most common performance problems – a distorted bail.      

The TiMAG system also features the world’s first magnetic bail trip.  The system uses magnets and their predictable polarization forces to consistently and accurately position the bail open and closed.  With no bail spring to break, stretch, or otherwise fail, a spinning reel’s other most common repair problem is eliminated. 

Simply stated, TiMAG is new technology at its best.  That’s why Quantum is putting a Lifetime Guarantee on the TiMAG Bail System for the life of the reel.  It’s that good.


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