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Battery Maintenance Tips

We are coming up on the winter fishing season in Florida and knowing how to keep an outboard battery operating efficiently can save a lot of frustration on your next fishing trip.

*   Commercially made marine cranking batteries are the best for providing power for your boat and accessories. A Delco Voyager M-27 is an example of a good cranking battery.

*   Do not use an automotive type battery for your boat. They will not withstand the tough conditions that they will undergo in your boat.

*   You will shorten the life of your batteries if you do not recharge them after each day of use. This will keep them from developing a memory that does not provide for full capacity after a time.

*   The new onboard electronic chargers available today such as the Dual-Pro Charger, solve a lot of problems for boaters. All you have to do is plug an AC power cord into them each night after use and they do the rest.

*   Protect batteries from heat by making sure they are well ventilated and not in direct sunlight.

*   Above all, keep the connections clean and free of any corrosion. The connection should be shiny and bright.

*   Use 6-gauge wire where possible. Most new boats come equipped with heavy wire. You should also use the shortest wiring route that you can to cut down on loss of power.

Remember batteries and electrical wiring can cause fires or explosions, so you should follow all guidelines or let a professional mechanic handle new installations.

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