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I. Big Foot In-Dash LCD Depth Finder

If you are a fisherman a depth finder is a mighty important piece of equipment. You just can't catch fish consistently without one on the front of your boat and one on the console. Tommy Martin says, "I don't use my depth finder to find fish as much as I use it to find good places to fish." Be sure to mount the transducer to your front depth finder on the bottom of your trolling motor. This allows you to view the bottom directly under the front of your boat where you are fishing.

II. Big Foot In-Dash Surface Temperature Gauge

A good surface temperature gauge is a must if you are a serious fisherman. If your know the temperature range of the fish you are fishing for a good temperature gauge will put you in the right area. A temperature gauge will also help you in lure selection and depth selection.

III. Big Foot In-Dash Digital Depth Sounder

These little units are used in many ways by all kinds of boaters. Pleasure boaters use them as a navigational device so they know how deep the water is where they are running. Fishermen are starting to use them to determine the exact depth they are catching fish. Since they will measure the depth in inches the digital depth sounder will help you establish the exact depth fish are holding. They are especially helpful when you are fishing real flat water where there is very little depth change.

IV. Big Foot Minuteman Livewell Timer / with switch

The Minuteman livewell timer is made by fishermen, for fishermen who really care about keeping their fish alive "all day long".

V. Big Foot Trolling Motor Handles I & II

Fishermen tell us that our trolling motor handles are the most durable and the toughest on the market. They make using your hand operated trolling motor easy and allow you to have precise boat control and positioning.

VI. Big Foot Trolling Motor Switches

Fishermen that use our switches say they are the best and we believe they are right. They make using your hand operated trolling motor simple. Install one on each side in the front of your boat and you will always be close to a switch so you can turn your trolling motor on.

VII. Triple C Game Feeders

Tommy Martin has deer hunted in Texas all his life and in his opinion deer feeders are as important as a good hunting stand or rifle. For the best results feed the year around or at least start a month before you intend to hunt.

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